Many topics seemed blog-worthy this week, so maybe it would be a better idea to highlight a few links I looked at.

  • Wisconsin’s gun deer hunt kicked off this weekend, a topic tied to a radio piece I plan to produce on the state’s Sporting Heritage Bill.
  • Health news guru Gary Schwitzer cautions against hype about a new stem cell treatment and cautions to never (yes, never) use the word “breakthrough.”
  • My colleague in the pro-track program, Emily Eggleston, wrote a great post about expectations of journalistic objectivity in today’s media climate. Check it out here.
  • Ouch. The AP scolds its reporters against disseminating information about their arrests while covering the Occupy movement. Apparently, the problem is the news getting out by individuals before the organization has time to put it on the wire.
  • Yes — there’s actually a press release titled, “Secrets to the best foie gras.” I’m a bit surprised there’s no mention of how controversial foie gras production is. Just an observation, though. Not sure if the push was for Turkey Day or not.
  • Discovery News‘ Jorge Ribas produced an interesting video about a museum that’s beefing up its interactivity (Full disclosure: I’m a contributor to the website).

Photo by rubybgold/