It’s summertime, and alas, I’m barely finding time to post.

I did, however, scrape up time to ride the No. 2 coaster in the world while visiting family in Ohio.

Holy cow.

Watch my video below.

And here’s a rider’s POV (courtesy Cedar Point):

Top Thrill Dragster, a coaster that seems to defy physics, caught me entirely off guard while visiting Cedar Point amusement park. The No. 1 coaster in the world, according to almighty Wikipedia, is the same type of ride (called a “strata coaster”), but it’s 36 feet taller. Top Thrill Dragster is more than 400 feet high, though.

Photos by Andrew 94/

Oh yeah, did I mention it blasts off at 120 miles per hour?

I heard about it getting stuck and flying down the tracks backwards after I conquered it and left the park (Thank goodness!). I’m “thrilled” I didn’t get metal shavings whipped in my face either. Ouch.

It was a great time anyway. Happy summer.